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Frequently asked questions


When and Where?

CASE meets on Thursday nights from 6pm - 7:30pm on the second floor of the Life Center building on the Commpres campus in Celebration, Florida.


Who is teaching?

Dr William Lewis and Pastor Bill Vanderbush team teach for the 30 weeks of the school. The class is a time of interactive instruction and activation (led by Jeff and Tam Sanders) along with a monthly outreach.


What does it cost?

The on campus course is three parts at ten weeks per part. Each ten week block of classes is $179, or you can enroll for the entire course for $500 per person. We offer discounts for married couples and students. Contact us at the bottom of this page for more information. For online pricing click HERE.

The Details

CASE Overview

The Mission and Vision of the School is simply:

Jesus spent three years (approx 8000 hours) with His disciples and at the end of that time they still had issues. The idea that we can effectively disciple a congregation in one hour a week just isn’t giving our best. There are many free opportunities to engage in learning through classes and life groups. But if you’re hungry for more, this school is for you!

Get Equipped

With a powerful combination of video instruction and live activation, CASE is designed for each student to experience and understand how God intended the normal Christian life to be one of both purity and power. We endeavor for every student – from novice to practiced – to grow in their capacity to experience and to share God’s presence and love with God’s power.

Get Empowered

CASE exists to ignite a life giving movement of those who are passionate for the presence of God and able to display His love with His power. You’ll both learn in a classroom setting as well as work with an outreach group to apply what you learn in class to the people of central Florida.

Program Highlights/Classes

Each class consists of live worship, live teaching, small group activation and discussion.
Students meet Thursdays from 6:00 to 7:30p.m. in the new Commpres Family Life Center.

Following each class is our Sunday night contemporary service. Students will be divided into ministry teams to gain experience with handling the logistics of the service including greeting, tech, usher and service support, worship, community connection, and altar prayer ministry. Each student will be required to minister at one Sunday night per month.


Each student will be assigned to an outreach team or revival group. The weekly commitment with the times, dates, and activities are determined by each group.

Class Topics Include (in no particular order):

The Priority of God’s Presence

In this section we’ll cover some of the many traits, characteristics, and behaviors found in revivalists who have been radically impacted by a Face to Face encounter with God. Rather than build walls and formulas, this series will help you to step into your unique identity as a revivalist and empower you to become who you really are in the Kingdom.

Honor and Identity

In this section, we’ll reveal the heart of God as our Father, discovering what it means to be a loved child of God. The revelation of the Father’s heart will impact you on a level that will leave you marked by a God that doesn’t just love you but is in love with you. We’ll begin to define what it means to live in a culture of honor, and realize what it means to be a people of honor.

Kingdom Foundations.

This class will feature digging into key principles of how Heaven invades Earth, transformation by the renewing of the mind, and co-laboring with God. We’ll study the power of declaration and the importance of moving with the Holy Spirit above all else. We’ll learn how and why God has made Himself vulnerable to the desires of His people, and what it truly means to be, not just a servant of God, but a friend of the Holy Spirit.

Impartation and Prophetic Evangelism.

In this section, we’ll start to learn the value and practice of not just carrying the glory of God, but imparting what you carry. You will learn how to release the Kingdom within you to affect the world around you. We will also add to your growing knowledge of prophetic evangelism. This will be our introduction into the topic of prophecy.

Prophecy and Hearing the Voice of God.

In this class we’ll actively learn the language of the Spirit or how God speaks to us in a variety of ways. We’ll learn to identify His voice and listen to the Lord. We will also do a great deal of activation in this area and practice sharing what we feel like God is saying. We’ll learn the difference between walking as a prophetic people and the office of a prophet. This class will remove the stigma surrounding the gift of prophecy and will follow Paul’s admonition to eagerly desire Spiritual gifts, “...especially that you may prophecy.”

Creating a Culture of Faith.

We will discover how to create a culture that sustains a move of God. We will learn from revivalist and missionaries who burn to see a reformation in our day. Reformation is not just a word from past history but rather it is what you are literally called to bring in this present day. In this class, we’ll discover how.

Living a Life of Spiritual Power.

What does it mean to invade the impossible? To see the kingdom, we must approach it as a child. From that childlike state of trust, we will rediscover the faithfulness of God. In this class, we’ll discover what it looks like to live life in a Kingdom where all things are possible.

Faith and Healing

In this class, we will focus on the area of physical/emotional healing/health as one of the key areas where the present reality of the Kingdom is demonstrated. We’ll discover the need for faith, persistence, suffering and staying faithful, and the power of the testimony. We’ll learn what the Bible says about health and wholeness, Spirit, soul, and body.

Co-Laboring With God.

In this section, we’ll explore the revelation that our Sovereign God has invited us to enter into a partnership where He has actually delegated authority and responsiblity to man without losing any of His sovereignty. And that in that partnership, your involvement actually matters, and it can mean the difference between whether or not His will is done “on earth as it is in heaven” on our watch. His will is going to be done. But will it be done through you?

Christianity as a Lifestyle

As we close out this school year our prayer is that you will be doing life differently than you did at the beginning. Students should be able to do outreach and evangelism, pray for the sick, share the Gospel with excellence, give testimony, destroy the works of darkness, do good, and heal the oppressed anytime and any where the Holy Spirit moves them to. Your identity will be secure, your purpose will be revealed, your calling will be clear, your destiny will be unveiled, and your responsibility will be empowered. You owe the world an encounter with the living God, and through the training in this class, it is our assurance that by this time you will be fully equipped to bring it.

Additional Classes Include:

• Learning the Language of Heaven
• Understanding Spiritual Warfare• Spiritual Identity and Authority
• Dreams and Visions
• Walking in and Releasing the Power of Jesus
• Prophetic Evangelism
• and many more...

Class Attendance:


Classes include times for worship, teaching and small-group interaction. The worship is designed to (re)focus you on the Lord’s presence; the teaching brings revelation; and the small-group interaction helps all students apply what they learn.

Students are expected to attend regularly the weekly classes. Students missing more than 6 classes will not be eligible for their certificate of completion.

Students will be issued an I.D. at orientation (DATE TBA). Presentation of this I.D. will be necessary for students to be admitted to a given class.

Outreach Participation:

Students are expected to participate in a monthly outreach with their chosen team. The purpose of outreach is to provide application to what you are learning in the real world with those who share your passion. Outreach with others learning to engage the supernatural is a vital part of the educational experience of the CASE.

Local Church Involvement:

It is expected that each student will be involved in a local church walking in honor toward their Pastor and leadership. It is not the responsibility of CASE to “shepherd” students but rather to empower and equip them to be a living example of the grace of Jesus Christ to their own community or circle of influence.

Financial Information:

Application Fee: $30
General enrollment: $500

Application Fee - The application fee is $30 due at the time of registration.

The cost for the entire school if paid in full at once is $500.

The cost for a student with a valid ID is $250

The school is divided up into three parts at $179 for each part. ($90 for students) Each part contains 10 classes.

For a spouse to attend the school is an additional $39 per part.


Students may pay the entire amount up front at the time of registration or make monthly installments. Monthly payments will be billed to a valid credit or debit card. Scheduled payments require a 20 percent initial installment and eight additional 10 percent installments.

Payments will be due the first week of each month and may be made electronically, in person at a class or by mail.


CASE cannot grant refunds of tuition paid.


All deposits must be received by CASE on the first day of class, January 16, 2020 for the 2020 school year. 


Because outreaches may not always be suitable for minors, we will not enroll students younger than 18 unless a parent is also enrolled. Students younger than 18 must be concurrently enrolled with their parent or guardian who must accompany that minor to all classes and outreach activities. The parent or guardian assumes all risks associated with the minor’s participation.

Certificate of Completion:

At the end of the year, students will receive a certificate of completion. In order to receive a certificate of completion, students must have paid their tuition in full, completed no less than 30 classes and have participated as fully as possible with their outreach team. A certificate of completion is necessary for any student wishing to apply to the 2nd year program at the CASE.

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